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NCDEX Data Feed Subscription Procedure
  1. Data feed Subscriber are required to read and understand NCDEX Data feed policy and Tariff document and apply to the Exchange for their Data feed Requirement by email to
  2. On receipt of Data feed Request email, the Exchange shall review email application and provide required information for placing the order for subscription of Data feed specifying the type of Data feed For Display or Non-Display Usage (Real time or delayed).
  3. Draft of NCDEX Data feed agreement would be provided to the interested parties.
  4. Invoice would be raised for payments and for execution of the Data feed agreement.
  5. NCDEX shall provide Real-Time/Delayed Data feed specification and access to feed on receipt of payment by the subscriber/Vendor/Distributor/Client.
  6. Subscriber are required to sign the Standard Data feed Agreement as mentioned in the policy.
  7. Subscriber shall abide by this policy for NCDEX data feed. Any unauthorized access or violation of the policy will be dealt legally as per existing laws of the country
Categories of Data feed

NCDEX data dissemination refers to real time and delayed data feed as well as historical data of commodities and contracts traded on NCDEX. The data feed includes future and spot prices and Indices. The usage of any data under this policy shall be governed by the separate agreement to be executed on or before subscription. The pricing structure and other details for the data feed is given below.

Data Feed
A Data Feed is the provision of Data to a subscriber:
  1. In the form of a stream of continuous data or
  2. In the form of a data set and/or data file or
  3. In any other form, which results in the contracted use of such Data by the recipient of the Data Feed.
Types of data feed
  1. Real-time data feed: The real-time data consists of price quotations and other information relating to trading on the exchange and is made available on a continuous basis using dedicated leased line or internet. Real-time data feed of the Exchange is disseminated without any imputed delay. The data is provided in two levels (level 1 & 2). Level 1 data displays best bid and offer quotations while level 2 data provides additional market depth data (up to best 5 bids and ask prices).
  2. Delayed data feed: Delayed data comprises of price quotations and other information relating to trading on the exchange all of which is generated with a delay of 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and End of day (Bhavcopy).
  3. Historical data: Historical data comprises of Order book and Trade book information relating to Commodities and the charges are for per year of historical data. The subscriber/client/Member of exchange is required to sign an undertaking as per the Exchange Policy and pay as per prevailing charges as per our Data feed policy and Tariff.
Modes of Delivery of Data Feed

Leased Line: Subscriber is required to establish Point to point leased line connectivity and arrange on its own all the required network equipment for sourcing Real-time Data feed from the Exchange Data-centre. Subscriber/vendor/client is fully responsible for procurement, commissioning and maintenance of the Leased line connectivity procured from their own service providers.

Over Internet: Subscribers can avail data feed services over the internet.

NCDEX Authorized Data feed Vendors

Real-time Data feed Vendors Delayed Datafeed Vendors
  • Bloomberg Finance LP.
  • Cogencis Information Services Ltd.
  • Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd.
  • Thomson Reuters India Private Limited
  • TickerPlant Limited
  • IQN Data Solutions Private Limited
  • CC Commodity Info Services LLP
  • Dion Global Solutions Limited
  • Accord Fintech Pvt. Ltd.
  • CMOTS Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Commodity Online Limited
  • Hunan Fumi Technology

Types of Subscribers

Vendors/Distributors: Subscribers of data feed from NCDEX who source data directly from the Exchange for the purpose of dissemination to its own clients through its own terminals / screens/ software packages / websites/ mobile phones/ TV Channels /any other mode.

Sub-vendors/Redistributors: Subscribers who source data from any of the vendors/distributors for the purpose of dissemination to its own clients through its own terminals / screens/ software packages/ websites/ mobile phones/ TV Channels /any other mode. Vendor/Distributor: The Vendor or Data feed info vendors or Distributor is allowed to receive Data feed from the Exchange for the purposes of using, processing and disseminating information through its services for reception by its Redistributors and/or Clients.

Redistributors: Redistributors mean an entity to whom the authorized Vendor of the Exchange provides Data feed information as per the terms of the NCDEX Data feed Agreement. Redistributor can further disseminate NCDEX Data feed to its clients only and not allowed to further redistribute to any other tjhird party without the consent or NOC of the exchange.

Television Channels: Television channels can subscribe to Real Time data feed directly from the Exchange or through authorized Data feed vendors of the Exchange. They need to execute NCDEX Data feed redistribution agreement Resale of data by Television channels, in any form whatsoever is not allowed or permitted without seeking necessary approvals and NOC from the Exchange.

Member: Trading Member of the Exchange is allowed to subscribe to the data feed for further dissemination on its website/ Mobile application. Member can subscribe to data feed from any of the authorized vendor or from the Exchange directly. If Member is subscribing Data feed from Exchange then he is required to execute the NCDEX Data feed Agreement with the Exchange.

Websites/ Mobile Application: Organisation interested in displaying NCDEX data on their own website can subscribe to Real-time or Delayed data feed either through the authorised vendors or through the exchange directly.

Policy for Charging the Vendors/Distributors and Sub-vendors/Redistributors for the Exchange Data Feed
  1. The vendors/distributors shall enter into an agreement with Exchange to source
    Data Feed and pay the Exchange data feed charges as applicable from time to time.
  2. The sub-vendors/Redistributors of any form viz TV channels, mobile applications, Websites and public display board/wallboards etc seeking to source data in the form of feed from vendors/distributors of NCDEX data shall obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Exchange and shall execute a separate agreement with the Exchange by paying 75% of the published tariff charges, if the data is procured from authorised NCDEX data Vendors/Distributors. Vendors/Distributors are further free to charge sub-vendors/redistributors of any form over and above the Exchange fee as per their own policies.
  3. NCDEX shall take any suitable action as it may deem fit against the Subscriber in case subscriber fails to make payment to NCDEX within the prescribed timelines including termination of the services and referring the matter to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai for recovery of the dues/charges.
  4. Vendors/distributors/sub-vendors/redistributors have to provide the list of its clients on a quarterly basis of all the Real-Time/Delayed subscribers on or before 10th of April, July, October and January of the preceding quarter.
  5. NCDEX reserves the right to revise or make such changes/amendments to any of the clauses of this policy at any time as it may deem fit and proper and shall inform its Subscribers about the same. However the Subscribers are further required to update and keep their clients /Distributors/sub-vendors/redistributors informed of the said changes/amendments.

Vendors interested in receiving the feeds are requested to contact NCDEX at -

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