Benefits of NCDEX ‘GOLD NOW’ Forwards
1 .India's First Exchange Traded Deliverable Gold Forwards :
NCDEX ‘GOLD NOW’ establishes for first time in the country an online, national level exchange traded forwards platform for discovery of market price for gold in the country. NCDEX, which launched its first exchange-traded agri forwards last year, have a proven track record of executing forward trades in 23 agri commodities.
2. Compensation Guarantee and Risk Management:
Market participants can reduce the counter-party defaults risks as exchange-traded deliverable and customized forwards contracts offers compensation guarantee for bilateral trades executed on NCDEX.
3. Price Information:
Market participants trading in GOLD NOW would have access, on the same screen, not only to the prices of gold in location specific forwards but also to the prices of gold in other markets in India.

4. Availability of ‘Good Delivery’ Gold:
Apart from imported (LBMA) bars, GOLD NOW also recognizes gold supplied by local refineries (India Gold) as ‘good delivery’, which increases availability of good delivery gold bars within the country. It also provides much needed impetus to the local refining industry with a refining capacity of 827 tonnes but currently operates at 25% capacity utilization. Most importantly, it encourages households to recycle their gold holdings. This kind of physical trade of imported and domestically produced gold bars on an electronic exchange would result in discovery of the most transparent price for gold in the country.
5. India Gold Standard:
In order to ensure quality standards and in its attempt to create an Indian standard for gold, the exchange would accredit local gold refineries through a state-of-art audit procedure.