GOLD Futures

1 .Transparent, Credible Price Benchmark
Independent gold premium polling mechanism that will give the Indian market an unbiased scientific price benchmark for the first time.
2. True Price
Price assessment reflects the domestic market supply - demand scenario, thereby presenting a true price for gold.
3. Clarity in Settlement Price
Settlement Price is largely formula driven, calculated by taking into account, international price of gold, currency exchange rate, Gold premium polled by independent agency, custom duty & tariffs.
4. Electronic Delivery
A deliverable gold contract, can be tracked online through COMTRACK - an electronic registry.
5. SpreadTrade Benefits
Increased leverage on margins can help you capitalize on more opportunities.
  • Initially 10% margin was required for opposite positions for Spread
    (1 international Gold contract and 1 Domestic Gold Contracts requires 5% margin respectively)
  • Now only 2.5% margin is required to be paid
    Gold Futures Reuters Code: 0#NAP

Polled Premium for 995
    gold in Ahmedabad
1.25 USD/troy oz.
on December 15, 2017