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Investor Service Fund (ISF)

The Exchange has set up ISF to be utilized mainly for purposes stipulated below:

1. Conducting various investor education/awareness programs;

2. Capacity building programs;

3. Maintenance of all price ticker boards

4. Cost of training of arbitrators

5. Providing minimum facilities at Investor Service centers including costs of providing information about various commodities,     financial papers, receiving and recording complaints, giving counselling services to investors etc.

6. Any other purpose that is specifically allowed by the SEBI
Contribution to ISF
a. 1% percent of the turnover fees charged by the exchange from its members on monthly basis, subject to minimum of Rs.10     lakh in a Financial Year.
Reference circulars for ISF:
1. NCDEX/COMPLIANCE-008/2017/147 dated June 19, 2017.

2. NCDEX/IPF-001/2018/064 dated March 15, 2018.
Important link for Investors awareness/education
Investor may visit following links for information:
A) Government/Ministry/State/Govt. agencies website

B) Other agencies website

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