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 To promote commodity trading as well as to enhance the level of competence of those already working in the field of commodity futures trading in the country, NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets & Research (NICR), a 100 per cent subsidiary of NCDEX, has recently introduced the NCDEX Commodity Certification Course, with examination facility made available at 40 centres across the country. It is a self-study course aimed at equipping learners with both academic and applied knowledge pertaining to commodity derivatives trading. The course material, a combination of printed study manuals and online e-learning, provides the right blend of theoretical understanding of the concepts (including fundamental and technical analyses) and practical application of Commodity trading strategies. It is designed to be delivered over two segments: an introductory segment and an applied segment. The introductory segment will introduce the learner to commodity markets and commodity derivatives, besides key concepts that form the basis of commodity trading. The applied segment will focus on commodity price analysis and trading strategies on the exchange.
Details of the NCDEX Commodity Certification Course can be found on the Course website using the following link:
The National Stock Exchange also continues to offer its certification examination on commodity markets and derivatives (Commodity Market Module), details of which can be found on NSE's website using the following link:

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